Q1. How do I arrange to view a property?

Please complete the request for property information form.

You may also call 979 777 5477 to speak with an individual directly.

Q2. How are the properties managed?

Answer: All residences are professionally managed by:

Aggieland Apartment Finders
123 Walton Drive
College Station, Texas 77840

Phone Number: 979 693-4900

Q3. What is my Security Deposit?

Answer: Please refer to specific bed / bath / configuration and Complex for amounts.

Q4. Are there applications fees?

Answer: Yes, and all are non-refundable.

Rental Application Fee – $35 / person, $40 for a married married couple

Guarantor Fee – $15 / person or married couple

Q5. How do I activate my cable and internet services?

All residences have a ‘hot’ signal. 15 meg Internet (fast) and Expanded Cable (60+ channels).

To activate your signal, please take a copy of your signed TAA lease (6 pages) and photo I.D. to the Suddenlink office. You can either rent or purchase a modem from Suddenlink, or provide your own. Modem will be programmed to interpret the signal.

Our Suddenlink contract does not include DVR, HD or other additional services.

Q6. How does the Security System work?

Answer: System is hot. An optional monthly fee, (approx. $20) charged to resident, is required to activate. AAF has access to multiple providers – please contact them for a list.

System is also on a battery back up. If system ‘goes off’, pls enter ‘0000’ to dis-arm. If that does not work, pls un-plug grey / taupe box in utility room.

Q7. My smoke detector is beeping. How do I make it stop?

Answer: All smoke detectors are wired hot with a battery back-up. A ‘beeping’ smoke detector indicates a low battery. If your smoke detector is beeping, you will need to replace the 9 volt battery inside the smoke detector.

Q8. Mailbox Keys – Wolf Creek Condos


Move In: After residents have occupied their respective townhome / condo, please take a copy of your signed TAA lease (6 pages) and photo I.D. to the respective Post Office. They will re-key your mail box and issue a new key.

Move Out: Please dispose of mailbox keys. Postal service does not re-cycle used keys and locks.

Q9. Mailbox Keys – Falcon Point Condos


Move In: Management will re-key your condo within 10 business days. New locks will be installed, and new keys will be issued through Equity Real Estate.

Move Out: As with your other spare keys, please leave your mailbox key on your kitchen counter. We recycle used keys and locks.

Q10. How Do I Operate the Thermostats at Wolf Creek Condos?

The thermostats at Wolf Creek Condos are programmable. Click here for instructions on how to program your thermostat.

We have also provided a pdf copy in this FAQ section.

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